The Conetoe Family Life Center, established in 2007, mission is to improve the health of the youth and community by increasing access to healthy foods, increasing physical activities and providing access to health services. The goal is to change the poverty cycle in families through improving the resources available to families, specifically children. “Change the children by education and opportunity = Change for the family.” 

Programs are supported by the CSAs, the community garden and the bee operation. The youth are involved on a daily basis in the Center’s activities and operations. Through volunteers, residents, churches and other area organizations, the Center is able to provide healthy foods, resources and education to empower the youth and community to create new economic opportunities by engaging the community, whose history is rooted in the land, restore sustainable resources, build partnerships and collaboration and self preservation. 

Through community supported agriculture (CSA), our kids learn how to grow and harvest vegetables and honey. Sales proceeds are invested in the farm, youth health programs and after-school education. 

The Conetoe Family Life Center is a place where the youth and community feel a sense of ownership, a place where they can be validated, heard and make nonjudgmental decisions for life’s difficult problems.

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