Our Programs

Programs are supported by the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), the community garden and the bee operation. The youth are involved on a daily basis in the Center’s activi ties and operations through volunteers, residi dents, churches and other area organizations. The Center is able to provide healthy foods, red sources and education to empower the youth and community

Conetoe Family Life Center - The Farm

Farm Overview

The farm is comprised of 25 acres of sustainably farmed land, growing both fruits and vegetables for the community. In 2020, 50,000 lbs of food were raised by 2 full-time farmers, 4 farm apprentices and a team of dedicated volunteers. The farm also contains 2 high tunnels and 10 active bee hives.

Youth Development, Summer Program and
Apprenticeship Program

At Conetoe Family Life Center, we are youth-planned, youth-led, and we are sowing the seeds of change.

CFLC gives children a voice in their community, their health, and their future. We believe it’s about so much more than a gardening effort; our unique program empowers children with the tools they need to develop leadership abilities and social skills and stress management techniques. Children learn science, math, organizational skills and financial Planning, environmental stewardship, and a sense of commu nity responsibility. Children are encouraged to stay in school and to help inspire their family members to change their eating, cooking and lifestyle habits. By caring for the soil and earth, their plants, bees, and each other, the children at CFLC learn what it takes to be successful and how to be good community servants.

Summer Program

Summer Camp is a time in a youth’s life where friendships blossoms and imaginations begin. As teachers, interns, and partners of CFLC’s Summer Camp, we have the unique opportunity to collaborate and unite our efforts to provide an enriched curriculum that will bridge academic years for our campers. This is a time where new adventures and genuine learning begin in the field of health, reading, math and agriculture technology. Our collective skills and commitment can build confident well-rounded experiences for our campers. CFLC invites you to join forces and work in a partnership to pool our resources to create and enrich experiences for our Summer Campers! Apply Here

Apprenticeship Program

This program is a formalized training and hand-on experience in agriculture production, technology, and business. This will be the first apprenticeship program in the entire state of North Carolina of this type, focused on developing minority farmers. Previous farming experience is not required but it’s important that the apprentice has a genuine interest and enthusiasm for sustainable agriculture production. The apprentices will work with Rev. Richard Joyner of the Conetoe Family Life Center and other experienced mentors. Apprentices will receive over 1200 hours of paid, hands-on training in sustainable agriculture production on site at CFLC’s 25-acre farm. CFLC is partnering with NCA&T, and NC State to provide 100+ hours of technical and professional skills development from experts in the field. Apply Here

Healthy Living and Education Program

Participants who have been involved in the CFLC program and activities have experienced a dramatic decline in chronic ailments, necessary medications and hospital visits.

CFLC began as a grassroots response to the poverty, malnutrition, and premature death in the Conetoe and surrounding communities. CFLC is committed to encouraging healthier and more vibrant lifestyles. With many families in the region lacking basic access to fresh, healthy food, CFLC makes the difference by providing nutritious food.

CFLC donates half of its farm’s harvest to low income families in need and it also provides fresh food for our community’s events and celebrations. We encourage healthier cooking habits and smoking cessation. Our efforts make a major impact on the lives of the Conetoe community’s most disadvantaged residents. We’ve worked hard to make a change in Edgecombe County – and our community is reaping the rewards.

Most recently Conetoe Family Life Center in partnership with the We in the World RISE program provided over 2,000 people with information about COVID, performed health screenings and provided free fresh produce. This important work was performed with the valuable contribution of a $150,000 grant from the We in the World RISE organization.

Honeybee Operation

Making the world a little sweeter for our community.

The Conetoe Family Life Center’s (CFLC) “bee hive” project keeps our kids buzzing! To increase our bee pollination rate, our youth decided that we needed to expand the project even further. Under their direction, we have added a few hundred extra “workers” to help us with our honey bee harvest. We acquired a bus for all of our bees to live in.

The CFLC “bee hive bus” project is a recycled school bus that helps ensure better crop cultivation. The children managed the project from start to finish. The children learn the science behind building bee hives, and harvest the honey to sell at local Farmers Markets around the region. Proceeds go to Conetoe’s children’s education scholarships.

You Can Support Our Programs with a Tax Deductible Donation

Your Donations Help:

Provide Free Summer Camp Programs

Distribute 75 Farm Box Donations a week

30,000 lbs. of Produce

Coordinate Job Training Programs

Maintain Jobs for Conetoe Residents